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I actually found a completely rational explanation of the corporate bonus debate in an article today:


The best thing about it? The writer goes through a whole article on that particular subject without once pointing fingers at people who had nothing to do with creating the mess. Gotta respect a guy like that. Danke, Mr. Schoen.


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This isn’t your father’s town hall meeting anymore. This is disturbing.

The coverage of the local town hall meetings across the country has been interesting, to say the least. I don’t know whether some of the townspeople are shooting themselves in the foot or having trouble extracting it from their mouth. The yelling, the rudeness, the harsh words that have nothing to do with healthcare – you’re being compared with primates, for Pete’s sake.

These town hall meetings are supposed to be a forum in which we the people can voice our concerns in person. Our elected officials are making time to listen to us, and in some cases, we’re showing appreciation by blowing up on them. We’re going backward, not forward – and by “we,” I mean the bellowing, belligerent blowhards that keep disrupting the meetings. This isn’t productive conversation. This is the Middle Ages, complete with ignorant peasants and public stonings largely due to hearsay.

If you need to yell at public officials because you’re unhappy with the current healthcare bill, you need to know that you’d get your point across better with a carefully-worded question based on mutual respect and the need to clarify what the hell is going on. You don’t have to agree with the politician at the podium, but it would be a good idea if you respect him or her as a person and realize that this person is probably not personally responsible for the bottleneck.

You’d get more done if you stay on point, too. You won’t solve anything by telling a speaker that they will go to hell for what they’re doing. The subject is Healthcare, not Religion. And by the way, your God is probably pissed at the way you’re trying to make that call for Him.

Get a grip, people, and save the yelling for your therapist. Don’t let the angry rants of others get in the way of your ability to think for yourself. Make good use of the time at those town hall meetings, because if you want your voice to be heard – if you don’t want to be dismissed as an out-of-control, crazy jerk – you might want to present your justifiably strong opinions in some sort of civilized manner.

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I try to be open-minded, but I’m done with this guy.  In case you didn’t catch my last reply to the thread, I thought it needed repeating.  I am done trying to listen to Mark Levin.

I was on another long drive yesterday, and tuned in to his radio show again.  Right after I found the station, a lady named Lisa called in to ask a question, and she happened to have a mousy little voice.  I’m sure she was asking a legitimately intelligent question, but I never did hear it.

Mr. Levin started to groan as she was talking, and upon hearing the first few words of her question, he decided he had to make fun of her instead of treating her with respect.  In his whiniest voice, he started to talk over her.  “Honey, what do you want for dinner?”  (Imagine a very sad, mopey Edith Bunker impression.)  “Waah, waah, waah…are you married, by any chance?”  He continued to hassle her, and ended the call by saying, “Get off the phone, you big dope.”

For a constitutionalist, he sure did a great job of revealing his true nature by slamming free speech yesterday.  Callers who were saying, “Thank you just for being you,” got through, and callers who had the nerve to ask him to defend his opinions were cut off.  Fine – the caller’s voice was annoying, but his rudeness was scary, considering how whiny his voice is.

Mark Levin is not educating anyone, really.  He is preying upon decent, hard-working, traditional American families who are very angry at our current economic situation but who aren’t quite sure who to direct their anger to because the answer is complicated for most of us.  We rely on the media to help us narrow that down, and he’s jumping on the opportunity to stir the pot in his own direction, keep the conservatives outraged, and promote his book.

I take back what I said about wanting to buy his book and see what he’s really about.  I don’t want to learn anything from this guy.

So this one’s for all the Lisas in America:  Get off the radio, you big dope.

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I had to take a two-hour drive today, and while I was aimlessly scanning the radio channels, I found this guy on a talk radio show ranting about Barack Obama.  But he said that the show was about health care reform, so I had to listen and find out who this guy was.  Rush Limbaugh?  No – but I couldn’t place the voice.  Glenn Beck introduced him and I didn’t catch the name, so I ended up listening for about 30 minutes before I finally heard him say his name was Mark.  (Mark who?)  The name Levin came up, and all I could think of was, “Who is Mark Levin, and why is he losing his mind?”

I understand about being agitated when you think someone is doing something wrong that might affect you.  I understand about conservatives vs. liberals, and rich people vs. poor people.  I don’t understand having to use words like “punish”, “destroy”, and “assault” so freely to describe the most intriguing collaborative effort we’ve ever seen someone attempt in the White House.  The last time I heard a politician use those words, they were directed at Saddam Hussein.

Nobody is destroying an entire industry.  The industries in question had a little bit to do with that before Mr. Obama took office.  Nobody is trying to assault anyone’s entire accumulation of wealth.  If anything, the power-hungry people are the ones complaining that they’re being intentionally targeted (with the underlying tone that they’re afraid of losing their power).  Finally, I am sick to death of people with lots of money asserting that they are the only ones who work hard, and that people who don’t have money are only poor because they’re irresponsible.

Mr. Levin, I know you’re trying to make a point, but if you have to punctuate a show about health care reform with a lot of alarmist blather about how “Barack Obama is trying to destroy America!”, and I only hear about health care for one quarter of the show’s time, I think you’re getting a little off-topic.

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